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Social media has become imperative for branding and promoting a business. It no longer has a supporting role

Social media has become imperative for branding and promoting a business. It no longer has a supporting role in marketing, but has managed to carve for itself a niche of its own. Owing to its ever-growing popularity, most businesses are doing the smart thing – actively using it to engage with their target audience.

However, if social media is not done right, it will be of no use, and in some cases, it may harm your cause instead of promoting it. Ineffectual social media can have negative ramifications as potential customers will be less likely to trust a flaky brand name. 

Now you do not have to wonder how to create perfect post copies that will help produce more conversions. Following are a few tips that would help you create more effective social posts copies:

  1. Extend Your Brand Voice to Your Social Media ProfilesExtend-Your-Brand-Voice-to-Your-Social-Media-ProfilesThe most important thing to remember regarding social media is that your social accounts are an extension of your brand and not a separate entity. They should, therefore, reflect the same values as your brand. This is one of the reasons why businesses usually hire someone who is familiar with their ethics and principles as their social media manager. The content that you post on social media should not only convey your company’s message, but also its personality.Consistency is another key aspect of social media management. This is not just in terms of the number of posts each week or the timings of each post; it is also about the uniformity of content across platforms. All of your content, as a whole, should define what your brand is and what you stand for. Your followers on one social medium should get the same content as another on a different medium, thereby maintaining consistency across platforms.

    The tone and style of your posts should also remain the same. Try developing a unique style for your brand. A lot of people on social media follow various brands for their unique voice. The American fast food chain Wendy’s is a perfect example of this.


    Sarcasm and derision are emblematic of their brand. Their social media manager is well liked by millions of people on Twitter.


  2. Get PersonalGet-PersonalFiguring out what to do on social media? Well, it is right there in the name. Be social!The best way to do this is to drop the formal workings of a corporate environment. You need to be informal with your followers. Drop the conventional language, and instead use first person words like ‘I’ and ‘we’. Such posts come across as personal and users connect with them. You can also use your post copy to address your target audience directly.

    The aspect of being social on social media is highly important. Your followers on various social media platforms are there to interact with you and each other. If you don’t engage with your followers on a regular basis, then you are not using the entire potential of social media.

    For this reason, businesses either bring someone in-house to handle their social accounts for them, or outsource it. SmatSocial offers several services making it easier for you to operate your social accounts. You can read more about them here.


  3. Be Brief, Straightforward and TransparentBe-Brief-Straightforward-and-TransparentThere’s a point to be made about being brief.Each platform has its own set of norms and mores. They are not necessarily made by social media companies, but are generally followed by the community at large. Being brief on social media, with some platforms placing a 280 character limit and others being visual oriented, is an asset. While you can elaborate on your point on a different medium, for instance, a blog, you should keep your post copy to the point on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and let your content speak for itself.


    No one likes being deceived. That extends to social media.

    People generally prefer companies that don’t lie to them or come off as tenebrous. They know that businesses exist to make a profit, but they also know that businesses need their money to exist. And people usually give money to businesses that align with their own value system. It is for this reason why most businesses, mega brands or small and medium enterprises, try to relate to everyday, common man. This is why being straightforward and transparent with your customers and target audience is indispensable.


  4. Create a Catchy Headline (not Clickbaity)Create-a-Catchy-Headline-not-ClickbaityThis is imperative. If your headline is not inviting, your followers wouldn’t be bothered enough to read it. You have to use every tool in your kit to make your headline attractive and appealing.This territory is not with without its own dangers, though. While you should create strong headlines, they should always be according to the general content of your post. Social media users despise clickbait where a headline is created to generate enough shock and/or curiosity in the person forcing them to click on the title. However, such titles rarely reflect the content, thus aggravating the users.


  5. Create Shareable ContentCreate-Shareable-ContentYour content is not good enough if it is not being shared.This sounds harsh, but it is true. It is possible for you to create quality content and not get it noticed by your audience. Or worse, get noticed and ignored. In this case, all your hard work and efforts are being wasted.

    While the reasons for this can be complex, there is a simple explanation. Your audience is not responding to the kind of content you are posting. To resolve this you should create several kinds of content using different media like text, photos, videos, stories amongst others, and see which one your audience is responding to. You can also create fun and quirky quizzes, contests, and AMAs.

    Your goal, in the end, is to create content that is worthy of being shared by your followers.


  6. VisualsVisualsWe live in a fast-paced world. And most of the information that is absorbed by people is usually when they are commuting. Social media thus becomes the easiest source of information, be it news, entertainment or work. People usually prefer content in the form of visuals as reading while commuting gets a bit wearying.You must, therefore, create visuals that can be easily absorbed. Text pictures and videos are some of the most common ones. You can also use photographs to depicts your ideas in an artistic manner. More people will start following you if your content is a visual treat. You will also have greater engagement because of the same. 

    Besides this, you must also focus on your post copy. Your post copies should complement your visuals. If they are not appealing, they won’t drive traffic to your page and will ultimately affect your growth and sales.


  7. Action LanguageAction-LanguageAll of your hard work curating, creating and developing content for your social media profiles is a waste if you don’t encourage your followers to take some kind of action.All posts have an underlying goal. Your mission, as a social media manager, is to identify that goal and bring it out in the post copy. The copy of your content should be compelling enough for your followers to engage in. Using the right kind of words for this is key. Your language is the difference between your post crashing and burning, and being successful and driving engagement.

    The end goal of every post on social media is marketing which would ultimately lead to sales. To this end, you should create a call to action that reflects the mores of social media marketing. The long practiced tactics of traditional marketing, hard-sell, for instance, do not work in this realm. Studies have shown that words like ‘new’, ‘free’ and ‘sale’ tend to resonate more with social media users. However, only you know your target audience and their likes and dislikes. No one knows these people better than you for you have been interacting with them on a regular basis. Make sure to incorporate them in your post copy. You should choose action words that resonate your target audience and your followers.


  8. HashtagsHashtagsA hashtag is a tag or metadata used on social media platforms to find a particular content. They help people look for media that have a common theme. It enables users to discover posts on an all-round searchable subject. The end-goal of using hashtags is to cast a wider, but specific net for a particular subject. To create them you need to place # character before a keyword, or a phrase that you want to trigger when someone looks for something similar on the result pages. Hashtags like #yeswecan and #metoo had spread like a wildfire in the past. For more tips on Instagram marketing, check out this blog.With the help of hashtags, you will never stay out of the loop. They are one of the easiest ways to find out what is trending. It is not enough knowing what is trending, you must make the best use of what is currently trending.

    While it started on Twitter, it has become a popular tool and has spread to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well. As a matter of fact, Instagram came out with a new feature in December 2017, where it allowed users to follow hashtags of their choice to filter the kind of content they want to consume. This not only streamlined content for users, as they could now follow hashtags like #nature or #purple to see all posts containing those two hashtags, but also for brands and small businesses who could now increase their visibility with the use of hashtags.

    You can know more about hashtags on Instagram here.


  9. TrendsTrendsThe world of social media is new and ever-changing. New trends come up as quickly as they go. Some last, while others don’t. As a social media manager, you need to be vigilant of the current trends. Getting on the bandwagon when the wave has passed is of no use whatsoever.The power and charisma of memes, for instance, should be utilised when they are trending is a smart choice. However, bringing them back from the dead may not be that productive. Additionally, you can be mocked on the internet for it; the internet, as we know, can be ruthless at times.


    When social media platforms had just come out, people used them sparingly and more formally than they do now. These days, people have started using emojis heavily in their social media posts. Most businesses have picked up on the trends and are now using them to stay relevant to their target audience, thereby gaining their engagement.


  10. EditEditLet’s be honest. Our first idea is rarely our best one. We all need to keep working on our lot of coal until we can mine a diamond in it.You should keep thinking of new ways to do the same thing. While some call it insanity, others call it creativity. You need to actively write, rewrite and refine what you write in order to create the perfect copy for your post. 

    Though social media is not as formal as other platforms, you still need to maintain to maintain a certain degree of professionalism. While your posts should feel personal, honest and trustworthy, they should be free from error. This is not only to avoid being ridiculed publically, it is also to demonstrate your work ethic.

Closing Thoughts

Writing a good post copy will take time, patience and practice. Do not lose hope if you don’t get it right on your first try. With enough time and effort, you will get the hang of it.

Bonus Tip

To create a perfect post copy, ask yourself a simple question: “If this post copy were on my News Feed, would I bother to click on the link or simply scroll past it?” If your answer is yes, then you should continue doing what you do. If, however, your answer is no, we would refer you to the aforementioned tips.

SmatSocial can manage your social media pages for you – let us help you build a strong following and engage with your customers, while you focus on the other important aspects of running your business. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.



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