Businesses want customers to reach them and social media is the right tool for that purpose. Be it

Businesses want customers to reach them and social media is the right tool for that purpose. Be it education, travel, B2C, or even B2B, no one can escape the clutches of social media and every sector has embraced it. People generally use social media to engage with their fans and grow their brand. Here are the strategies you can use to drive traffic to your social media platforms and increase your sales:

    An important aspect of social media marketing is choosing exactly the right platform for your brand. Not every social media platforms will be conducive to your business. Blindly signing up on one will not do the job. For your social media marketing strategy to work, you need to know where your audience is and start utilizing that particular platform. Once you have a significant following, you can choose to diversify your platforms. However, there is no defined set of rules and you can choose to be present on other platforms if you so desire. That will, though, take more time and energy and direct your attention away from your main task. 
    t is imperative that you find out where your audience is most active. That is where you should be. For instance, for an upcoming fashion boutique, Instagram would be the perfect avenue. Since Instagram is heavily based on visuals and a fashion boutique has vibrant clothes to showcase, the two would be best paired with each other.
    While it is important to create your own social media marketing strategy to cater to your target audience specifically, it is equally important to know what your competitors are doing. You do not have to emulate them, but having an idea as to what kind of content they are putting out and how it is being received by their followers is also very important. Doing so will help you realise your own shortcomings as it is not always easy to point mistakes in our own work.
    This is especially true for brands in their infancy. To carve a niche for yourself, you first have to determine what others in the same line of work are doing with their social accounts. You need to monitor how they interact with their audience and how their audience interacts with them. While your methods of doing things may be different, the inherent idea behind the larger strategy is the same; to gain more followers and make more sales. It is, therefore, always in your interest to keep a track of what your competitors are doing.
  3. CONTENT TYPESocial Media Content TypeWhat kind of content will work on social media? This has been a head scratching question since times unknown — well, at least since the dawn of social media marketing strategy. People do not know what content to post because the kind of content their followers want to see keeps changing. By the time you figure out what your followers want, they have already moved past it. It is therefore imperative to stay ahead of the curve, or if you are new to this game, at least with the curve. These days social media is dominated by visuals. While there are still people who like to read, the adaptability of social media on smaller screens has changed the conversation strategy. More and more people now prefer to be educated on social platforms by means of visuals, photos, videos or illustrations. The more dynamic a social account is, the more followers it has. People check the social accounts while on the go. This does not leave a lot of room for reading, but the larger screens do allow for high-definition visual content. Such posts start receiving all kinds of engagement as soon as they are uploaded. Instagram has revolutionised the content game altogether. It started with photos and videos and has now added other elements like Stories. Pinterest is another social platform that curates visual content.
  4. MANAGE YOUR METRICSSocial Media discussions
    Putting high-quality content out there for the world to see is not enough; you also have to analyse how it is being received by your followers. For this very purpose, you should use a tool that does the math for you.
    SmatSocial, for instance, offers a range of services in this sector. Its artificial intelligence enabled tools to generate insights for you that are not provided by others in its niche or even social media giants like Facebook itself. SmatSocial not only provides you with the number of likes or the level of engagement garnered by each of your posts, it also provides you with metrics like the ‘most positive comment’ or the ‘most negative comment’. Using a social media automation tool like SmatSocial can also help you understand the perfect time to publish a post, by showing you when your followers are most active. To know more about SmatSocial’s features, check out this blog.
    People do not buy any product or avail any service before conducting their own research – at least not in the age of the world wide web. They check reviews of restaurants before making a decision to eat there. This is because of the abundance of options available to people. With all the answers available at their fingertips, people have the liberty to make these choices. Therefore, when considering a product, they tend to read product descriptions, reviews and the company policy of several products before they finally reach a decision. While some people may give importance to company values like cruelty-free products, others may like a brand because it donates a part of its earnings to a cause that they support. This is where satisfied customers of a product come into play. People who are happy with their purchases are the purest form of advocates for a brand. They have no ulterior motives; their only interest is actually telling people around them, through word of mouth or social media, about how content they are with their purchase. They are the most genuine promoters of your brand, people who have already purchased your goods and/or services and can vouch for your products. Although some reviews may be biased, most of them are honest. People recognize this and often give more importance to user reviews than an endorsement by celebrities. Hence, if you happen to come across someone who is genuinely happy with your product and has created a post about it, you can feature it on your social profiles. Get in touch with this person, offer your interest in reposting their post, and perhaps send them a gift basket as a token of your appreciation for promoting your brand. To know more about this, check out SmatSocial’s blog.

Social Media Influences
Today the stakes of the social media marketing game are very high. It, therefore, makes sense for you to make use of every play in the book, and this includes using social influencers. You may have heard of them and wondered what all the fuss is about. You may have even dismissed the idea thinking it to be a waste of time. If you do think so, you would be mistaken. All the hype about influencer marketing is, in fact, true. It is a popular tool for the simple reason that it actually works. According to Twitter and Annalect, almost 40% of Twitter users purchased goods or services based on an influencer’s tweet.
While this may be because of several reasons, the simplest explanation is that people trust the opinion of the influencers. When an influencer endorses a product, they do not do so merely for their own benefit; most influencers first use the product and only then recommend it to their followers. Besides, influencers are also honest with their followers and let them know of the paid partnerships and product placements. Alex Centomo, for instance, always mentions the paid partnerships in the description of her Instagram posts. It is this transparency and her genuine love and concern for her followers that help her ever-growing popularity. If you want to increase your engagement, reach or sales through your social media, you must use the power of social influencers. You can partner with them and get them to feature your products and/or services in their posts, photos, videos, and stories. You can also ask influencers for honest reviews of your products and let the chips fall where they may. Many influencers also work with different brands starring in the how-to videos of their products.

This strategy has been tried and tested. If you want to reap its benefits, you must use the influencers in your niche to work with you and endorse your product.

7. A/B TESTINGSocial Media Testing/B testing social media can help you refine your social media marketing strategy. The idea is on the lines of testing of medications (an actual medicine against a placebo) and is fairly simple. You can use it to check, for instance, how a post with video fares when compared with another post without a video. Then, if the post with a video performs better, you would know that your audience prefers content with videos in it. If, however, the post without a video performs better, you’d have your answer. In either case, you will have your answer based on the given parameters, in this case, two posts with and without a video. You can use A/B testing for any combination of content and tune your social media strategy accordingly.


These are some of the ways you can increase engagement on your social channels. The underlying theme of these strategies is being transparent and always telling your audience the truth. No one appreciates being lied to, especially people from whom you take or intend to take money (in exchange for the services you provide to them). Therefore, the most important thing to remember while creating a social media marketing strategy for your brand is honesty.   

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