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How AI is changing businesses and people’s lifestyle6 min read

Appreciate the amount of change in people’s lifestyle around AI and the benefits it caters to the businesses.

Appreciate the amount of change in people’s lifestyle around AI and the benefits it caters to the businesses. For that, catch few examples here pertaining to our daily life.

Virtual Personal Assistant


When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you look for is your smart phone. It reminds you of your next task, your important task, in fact, your whole to-do-list will be maintained by them, the Siri / Cortana, helps you know the traffic you’re gonna face in your way. Also, it can provide you ample of knowledge and entertainment of your own taste till you express great happiness and triumph.

Autonomous Cars


Speaking of your transportation, AI not only guides you in these routes and directions. It also drives you to your destinations safe and secure with no driver required. Although for the arrival of fully autonomous vehicles predictions range from a few years to a few decades due to the wide variance in the definition of “autonomous”. Because some people use this word to describe cars that self-drive in specific conditions, others estimate them as the cars with no steering wheel or a brake pedal.

Music and Trending News Recommendation

Well, while traveling, you obviously get bored just by steering your wheels. AI, says “here I am”. Plays your favorite songs according to the mood you choose. It can create you perfect playlists which might take you whole night if you try doing it. Also, just listening to their playlists, slipping into their music world, no one wants to miss what is happening in his outside world. AI comes to the rescue again. He helps you stay updated, shares all the nitty-gritty facets you wish to explore. It generates news according to your interests and keen points.


Well, also when you handle your social media channels, now there are few engines based on AI, helps you by recommending trending content, bringing right space for a strong connection with your audience. By those trending content, you can also keep track of all your current / new competitors and what all they are upto and how well they are into in their businesses.

Spam Detection


It will never let you miss your mails and messages, phones, payments and purchase bills. It even detects all the fraud and spam mails in your inbox.

Shop to the core


As a human, you never stop purchasing stuff. And so, today because of AI, retailers know where there is more demand for the supply. They even know what you needed in coming days even before you realize. And because of AI, you started to spend your days indulging in the pleasures of your fabulous technology, everything that you like are coming and falling in your lap rather than you being to each shop to know what you want.

Customer Management

AI chatbots are now in every enterprises’ websites. They guide you in ordering best food, in booking tickets for your traveling/staying/watching movies, claiming new insurance policy, searching for parking lots, etc., all nook and cranny corners it is there for you to help.

AI-Business-Customer Management

Similarly, this same support will be needed for you to handle your social media channels. Not only support, in also maintaining healthy interaction between you and the customers. Few AI engines are really capable of doing this for your betterment with customer engagement. Take note that only your current fans are responsible for your future franchise. So, never miss a bit from your audience might that be good or bad.

Movie & TV Series Recommendations

When comes your leisure period, it’s time for a movie or video games. Movies again will be recommended using AI according to your interests of the genre. Cinemas which are nearby, timings that fit your schedules, a quality that movie prefer either its IMAX or 4K Dolby Atmos, all these get monitored to bring you better choices.


Speaking about movies, scientists even trained the AI to learn the pattern, stories, dialogues and screenplay from lots of movie data. Later, they made it create a new script on its own. It generated dialogues for it’s imaginary characters and created many plots in sequence with a lot of fiction mixed. Just ask your Siri to show the list of movies which were created using AI generated concept/script/screenplay. One among them “Sunspring”- a Sci-Fi short film.

Video Games

What else did I mention about? Yes, Video games. AI is not just a recommendation toolbox. Its narrative is beyond that. Recently, a bot from Elon Musk’s start-up OpenAI defeated a professional expert Danylo “Dendi” of DOTA2, a competitive e-sport in a friendly tournament. AI is in the field of gaming from the very initial days in all the FPS games or as a trained non-player character to guide the player. Gradually now, AI became capable of building new games from scratch through procedural generation in reinforcement learning.That means learning from the mistakes it does, choosing its own path with its own choices.

Smart home devices


Okay so, since it’s a leisure period you are spending your day before your video games. And obviously, no one wants to even get up from their stuffed couch. But you also need to satisfy your appetite. You can place the order for your food using your smart home devices. They help you and your home in many ways like keeping an eye on your pets or kids, putting on/off the lights and fans, maintaining air conditioned, playing your songs, all on your customized commands. It also opens the door for your order if reached. It’s also trained in recognizing the person outside the door using Face recognition and video analytics concept. But still everything on your commands since you should have that control over it.

Security Surveillance

This voice and face recognition or motion recognition concept has been in practice from many years for security surveillance. It can detect the abnormal activities in real time and helps in decreasing crime rate or in preventing theft.

Take Note:

All these daily chores seem pretty normal if not taken a deeper look at what AI is actually capable of and what changes it brings to your today’s lifestyle. It gets trained based on the choices we make & chances we take.

It also considers our lifestyle, our location, our groups or circles and the common interests we share with them. And monitors all the activities we do on social media and recommends us all that we like to have. It’s a Machine who knows about all your cravings/commodities, luxuries/necessities, habits/hobbies.

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