FeltSo is glad to announce that we bagged the Hot100 Start-ups award organised by CORE team (Centre of Recognition & Excellence)(Mumbai) for the calendar year of 2017.

Customer Feedback is much more powerful than you think! We know that going through statistics and numbers all day long can be a boring and tedious task, but on the other hand they provide valuable insights on what your customers feel about you, even with those insights there’s a limit to the information we can get from them.

We live in an ever growing world, everyone works with the goal of growing and being better than before and using any means to make that happen. E-Commerce sites try their best to provide better customer experience every time a customer visits, but nothing can be perfect, these companies do face problems and when it comes to the solution

As a Chinese proverb says “Learning is a treasure that will follow it’s owner everywhere.

How Machine Learning Help Can Boost Any Business!!!

Machine learning might look like a complicated topic when you hear it for the first time, but actually is quite simple and is effective more than you think!. It can help a great deal with almost any kind of business, and that’s why you should know about it (at least the basics). How it works, what can it do for your business and your customers!

Whenever you do anything, like learning to ride a bike or deciding to start learning programming, there’s a factor which drives you through the process, without which, you might take much more time than required to learn even simple things in that!

Getting a business to grow is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort mixed with some innovative thinking. You might find hundreds of organizations doing what you’re trying to do but what is it that makes you stand out of the crowd?