automate Facebook Ad comments management using SmatSocial

How to automate Facebook Ad comments management using SmatSocial, a Social Media AI Assistant.5 min read

In the process of building brand awareness, social media is a sure-shot crowd puller. But the way how

In the process of building brand awareness, social media is a sure-shot crowd puller. But the way how social media management is necessary to hit the right audience, same way the customer engagement i.e., bringing up those organisations managing to interact with their customers, to monitor their discussions and to engage with their loyal reviewers is necessary. This post will explain how you can automate Facebook Ad comments management using smart social, a Social Media AI Assistant.

Don’t ignore your valuable customers’ comments thinking just your Ad will do the work. That’s a very bad move which will make you suffer later; even right then. If you leave your Ads without responding to the comments made, might those be positive or negative or utter-nonsense, the comments section will soon become one play home for kids with no supervision.

  • A good review from your customers can attract people more easily than your Advertisement boosting. So, when those comments if not being appreciated and left with that flow of other unnecessary comments, sure remember my words: Opportunities are not what you want to miss. All these positive comments are the health/armor for your life. Try catching them all if you want to stay in the Game a little longer. Getting those types of positive testimonials is all one need to expect from the customer in return. God, he deserves your attention with some appreciation towards their positive vibes on your Ad.
  • And you have to know that “negative comments” is a virus. Well, if you think those might not affect your ad campaign, praise the Lord, only he can wipe your ignorance. Those dark posts need to be managed with no second thought. Sure, you don’t want your Ad to be swamped or to be looked gloomy for your precious customers. They might soon be uninterested in your product/service, try no more to know what is what.
  • Also many unexpected baits ruin your comments section, spamming. That endless comments thread can range from few spamming contents/URLs, very few inappropriate comments and so many praising appraisals. But, the spam gets all the attention in that White-field of positivity. Eradication is what much expected here.

Spending your money on these Ads will put you in distress despite its long reach if no time is assigned per day in managing the gloomy side of your progress. So, if this is all convincing enough, here are the best possible ways and tricks to tackle the darkness and to avoid the menace created by them.


Of course, it will be absurd if we say it’s a one-size-fits-all problem. It can vary based on:

  • How many Facebook pages/twitter handles are being managed.
  • How frequent new contents are being posted on a page.
  • How much manpower is behind this social media management.
  • How the responses turn up.

If there are only one or two Facebook pages to be maintained then,  Facebook’s comments moderation tool is self-sufficient, which is not a bad option but not a better one because there will be too many posts to handle, so many queries to revert back, lot many great reviews awaiting your thank-you note and many chaotic comments to get wiped out then, it’s very much needed to acquire some third-party assistance rather being prepared for the odyssey through all of them, all day.

There are a lot many websites that provide the assistance for your social media management called as the social media virtual assistant. Still, it will again cost you as their service won’t be a charity. This social media virtual assistant can save a lot like not providing benefits, office space & supplements (like desk, desktop and coffee etc), giving strong insights if not highly educated or with less professional background or such- by replacing with social media assistant/employee.

But again, now that the trend is this automated assistance i.e., instead of believing in some third-party assistance, you are being provided these latest Artificial Intelligence-based Social media assistant.

Social Media AI (Artificial Intelligence) Assistant:

This, same as a human, can sense the content of the customers’ comments as being trained through sentiment analysis. So that, it can reckon according to our commands that are being given previously. It can assess whether the comment is a good review or bad review, scrutinize if it’s a question or suggestion or compliment.
It’s trained in such a way, that it knows what to forbid and what to be regaled.

SmatSocial is a one of its kind social media AI assistant for a better interaction with your customers. Where you can add your social channels, may that be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Hence this tool can be called as your time saviour in automating all your social activities, leaving you with much more free time to focus on your core business development.

It helps you in setting up automatic actions like “Like”, “Reply”, “Personal Message”, “Hide”, “Delete” on specific events such as Positive comment, suggestion, comparison, question, complaint, Negative comment, spam or vulgar. The Immediate actions of Eva on these events make the customers to marvel at your speed.

  1. It helps you to acknowledge their interest and positivity towards your content either by personally messaging them with a thank-you note or with an immediate automated reply expressing your gratitude.
  2. It can delete all the spamming messages without your interference or guidance.
  3. The ordeal experience of replying to every customer will no longer be in existence. You can even manually respond or react to them if needed, with so much ease as all the comments from all the Ads will be columned and chronologically arranged.

Also, to know more about How Trending content creation helps Small & Medium Enterprises for wider reach in the audience, go through this blog. You can start a free trial at SmatSocial.

Come and experience all these and many other essential services at SmatSocial which will enable social media managers to lead hassle-free lives in building up their core business.





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