3 brands that leveraged instagram differently

3 Brands that have Leveraged Instagram Differently5 min read

It is common knowledge among marketing analysts and strategists that they should use all means possible to promote

It is common knowledge among marketing analysts and strategists that they should use all means possible to promote their brand. And to this effect, most businesses have a social media account, including Instagram. Everyone tries to increase their visibility and gain more followers. They are all trying to stay relevant and important to their customers. And though everyone uses textbook marketing strategies on Instagram, some brands are doing things differently.

Happily Unmarried

Instagram Happily Unmarried

Happy Unmarried is an Indian brand that was founded in 2003 by Rahul Anand and Rajat Tuli. Its product range delves into a myriad of categories like mobile, home, and kitchen accessories. They appeal the most to people with a sense of humor, who don’t mind a chuckle.

Happily Unmarried does not have an aggressive marketing strategy. It leans on its unorthodox, idiosyncratic products to create interest in the company. The light-hearted, whimsical and sometimes tongue-in-cheek content resonates well with the target audience. This is evident with the ever-increasing number of stores and followers of HU’s social media accounts, with Facebook at over five lakh followers and Instagram a combined total of over one lakh followers.

Instagram is an amazing platform for brand visibility and Happily Unmarried uses it impeccably. Happily, Unmarried’s product line for men, The Ustra, has over 64.5 thousand followers on Instagram. It features their products in a quirky, off-beat fashion which appeal to its target audience. It also re-posts pictures of people using its product. People who love using the brand promote it using their handle, #theustra. One can find numerous posts made by happy customers on Instagram.

Happily, Unmarried’s target audience is the youth and it caters to the sensibilities of everyone between 18-35 years of age. The 21st century youth, adept at using the digital platform, makes for the perfect customer and promoter. Having the public promote your brand for you is not just economically astute, but it also makes a personal connection with the target audience. Rather than having a big celebrity as your brand ambassador, you have actual users of your brand who can vouch for your products and promote them without any personal gains. This way the company generates awareness about its quality products while curbing useless spending, and the customers get to share their experience. This is an excellent use of people to people marketing. On one hand, it gives voice to people, and on the other, it is fiscally responsible.

Penguin IndiaInstagram PenguinIndia

Penguin publications have been a household name in India for a very long time. There are very few children from English medium schools who have not been introduced to the joys of a Penguin classic. It has evoked a variety of emotions in a generation of Indians. This emotion is what Penguin India brings to its Instagram profile.

While keeping away from most of the traditional Instagram marketing techniques, Penguin India has still managed to build a community of 31.8 thousand followers. It does not offer giveaways or discounts like most brands. However, Penguin India engages with its followers on a regular basis. Its #bookFaceFriday posts are an example of this.

Instagram PenguinIndia post

Being an established brand, it does not have to fight to gain followers. As and when bibliophiles find out about the page, they join it willingly and instantly. Penguin India also updates book lovers about new releases using all formats of posts including Instagram photos, videos and Stories. It also gives people a taste of what it’s like being a part of the Penguin team with posts featuring the employees.

Instagram PenguinIndia Sales Team

Penguin India is not on Instagram to gain ground. It is simply there to connect with its audience and share with them a mutual love of books. It connects with its audience on an emotional level and encourages them to share their experiences.

The Awkward Yeti

Instagram Theawkwardyeti

The Awkward Yeti is a webcomic developed by Nick Seluk in 2012. The comic focuses on the life of a blue Yeti named Lars. A lot of people relate to the content of the comics and The Awkward Yeti has over a million followers on Instagram. Though simple, the content is funny and enjoyable. The spin-offs of the comic are Heart and Brain and they often feature along with Lars.

Instagram theawkwardyeti post

With his immense popularity on Instagram, Seluk uses the soft power to drive traffic back to its website. He promotes, albeit sometimes, his works that are available for sale. He has published three books, The Awkward Yeti, The Awkward Yeti’s Complete Lack of Focus: Volume 1 and Heart and Brain: An Awkward Yeti Collection, and hey are available for sale on his website.

Seluk has also created merchandise and a card game related to his comics and sells the same on his website. He encourages his fans to buy his work if they like it. Seluk also offers discounts to his followers. Considering people love a good chuckle, his products make for a quirky Christmas present to a like-minded person or a fan.

Instagram theawkwardyetistore

Though relatively new to his Indian audience, he has a massive following even in India. His booth at Mumbai comic-con was very successful and he has pictures to show for it.

Instagram theawkwardyeti team

His Instagram marketing technique is capitalising on brand loyalty. People who appreciate his work and want to support the artist are ultimately the ones who buy his products.

Nuggets of Wisdom

  • You don’t need a celebrity to promote your company.

  • If you have a quality product, don’t be afraid to put it out there.

  • Use social media extensively; it increases visibility.

  • Engage the public, business is about people after all.



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