Publishing trending content on your Instagram using SmatSocial – AI driven Social Media Assistant by scheduling them at the most suited date and time for you/ your brand is sure a burden manually since you see thousands of posts every day that is relevant/ important.

We at SmatSocial, are consistently trying to bring out features which would automate multiple manual processes saving you precious time and effort. With SmatSocial, you can now

293,00 statuses posted on Facebook every 60 seconds.

500 million tweets per day.

160,00  articles published on LinkedIn weekly.

95 million photos & videos posted on Instagram every day.

100s of thousands of content bundles get published every single minute on these social channels. So how do you achieve the unique place in your audience’s minds? How do you engage your audience with the right message and apt brand recall?

In the process of building brand awareness, social media is a sure-shot crowd puller. But the way how social media management is necessary to hit the right audience, same way the customer engagement i.e., bringing up those organisations managing to interact with their customers, to monitor their discussions and to engage with their loyal reviewers is necessary. This post will explain how you can automate Facebook Ad comments management using smart social, a Social Media AI Assistant.