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Most brands that are popular on social media owe it not only to their excellent products and services,

Most brands that are popular on social media owe it not only to their excellent products and services, but also to their social media managers who work relentlessly to make their brands more visible and popular. The job of a social media manager requires a wide and diverse skill set. Since they are the voice of a brand, they must be adept at identifying opportunities, increasing reach and engaging customers. Essentially, a good social media manager needs to be a jack of all trades. Here are some of the skills that are required to be a decent manager.

1. Writing

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Whether you are writing posts on Facebook or captions for pictures on Instagram, writing is a crucial part of the job. Through your writing, you give a voice to your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. You bring out the message of your company. Good writing can increase engagement and reach. It doesn’t have to be profound; it only has to connect with your audience. Each successful manager has their own distinct voice that they lend to the message going out. Your target audience identifies this voice in your content. Therefore it is not only important as to what is e=being said, but also as to how it is being said. Equally important is editing the work. A good manager should know what to post and what to edit out.

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2. SEO

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If you have great content to share with your audience, you must make sure that it is being reached by the maximum number of people. Content with high social reach is likely to have more likes, shares, regrams, and retweets which affect the Google search ranking of a brand. Higher reach opens new avenues for your brand and social managers should always endeavour to increase their reach. This can be achieved if the manager has significant knowledge of search engine optimisation or SEO. There are plenty of SEO tools in the market that will make the task easy for you and a smart manager must take advantage of those resources.

3. Customer Service

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In the age of one-minute rice and instant pizza, people don’t want to wait for anything including customer service. People know that social media is a public platform where brands have their image to protect and uphold and for that reason they often turn to it to air their grievances. They are certain that on social media, their issues will be addressed. Therefore, a good manager must be prepared, inclined and equipped to handle any and all complains and queries that come up to them. It’s not all negative though. People also laud their experience with a brand on social media and often give their feedback which is essential for reforming the brand. The customer service aspect of the deal makes being a social manager a hands-on job. However, now there are tools available to automate at least a part of the process.

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4. Design

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With smartphones at our disposal, anyone can take a decent picture. Social managers are expected to deliver more than that. They should have an eye for design which will help them in creating quality content. People on social media prefer posts that have good images attached to them especially on image-sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. A manager need not be a designer; a mere working knowledge of certain apps like Canva can be of great help. There are other apps available in the market that can help you create wonderful images and videos for your social profiles.

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5. Analytics

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It is important for any brand to know how their posts are performing. This will help in determining whether the current social media strategies are working and if they require a tweak or an overhaul. For this, a social manager should take to analytics and reporting. Most analytic tools today will provide you with a monthly report on the performance of your posts across various social media platforms. Besides generating reports, they also provide you with recommendations and help you analyse your most well-received posts. These analytic tools will help you optimise your social media strategy and an efficient manager will be remiss if they don’t use what these tools have to offer.

6. Research


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Great content comes with some good old-fashioned research. Before writing about a subject, you must be well aware of it. For this, research is essential. This is especially relevant today when information is available with a click of a button. When managers engage with their audience, they are doing so as the agent of their brand. It is the reputation of the brand that is on the line. Before putting something out in the social world, managers must do their due diligence and ensure that what they are putting out is what they know to be true. People do not shy away from pointing out the error in one’s discourse.

7. Creativity

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While it is important to follow the general guidelines for being an efficient social media manager, it is equally important to explore. More than anything, people like brands that are creative and try to do something novel. People get bored looking at the same content from different brands that they follow. If you don’t provide them with new content, sooner or later, they will lose interest. Hence, you must find new ways to surprise your audience. You do not need a doctorate in creativity to impress, engage and keep your audience; you only need to be creative in your approach towards social media and create content that stands out from the crowd. So do not be afraid to colour outside the lines. It’s more fun.

Take Away

In the world of social media, things are never static; they are always dynamic. Therefore, there are also no defined set rules to work in or excel in the field. The rules are malleable at best and change according to the sensibilities of the target audience. A good manager must have the ability to understand and recognise their target audience. Once they do that, everything else will fall into place.

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