How FeltSo AI is solving today's challenges faced by Sellers and E-Commerce sites

How FeltSo AI is solving today’s challenges faced by Sellers and E-Commerce sites3 min read

We live in an ever growing world, everyone works with the goal of growing and being better than

We live in an ever growing world, everyone works with the goal of growing and being better than before and using any means to make that happen. E-Commerce sites try their best to provide better customer experience every time a customer visits, but nothing can be perfect, these companies do face problems and when it comes to the solution, Artificial Intelligence is at the center of it. Almost every individual has at a point used a service powered by AI, be it Siri on iPhone or your YouTube Suggestions, all of it runs on Artificial Intelligence. Businesses are investing more and more on AI research which led to things like stores without checkout counters ( AMAZON GO ) and self driving cars ( TESLA MOTORS ) etc. and AI is the solution to the problems that E-commerce sites face these days. So what is Artificial intelligence? It can be termed as the ability of a computer to do tasks that normally require human intelligence like speech recognition and translation between 2 languages.

AI is helpful in a lot of fields but what are the problems these sites face and how can E-commerce sites benefit from it?

The sale starts at the seller and ends with the customer, but what is the problem that sellers face? You probably might have noticed that in the review section of some products there are reviews stating the delivery service was very slow or the return was not taken care of properly and these reviews have a single starred rating which sometimes leads to good products having poor ratings. The organizations do put up their teams on it to check for bad reviews on the delivery etc. but is is a humongous task. Our team at FeltSo have come up with an engine powered by AI to eliminate this problem, the engine goes through all of the reviews made on the product page and detects reviews that are not related to the product, leading to the products having the rating they deserve.

Artificial Intelligence

Positive reviews help the sellers in a great way and the problem is that users don’t usually review the product when they receive it, the customers are positive when they receive the product and if they write a review at that moment it will most likely be a very positive review, but most customers do not give reviews unless they have a problem which leads to good products not having the reviews it should have, our team has realized and looked into this problem and finally come up with a solution to push Customers to write reviews within the first 2 weeks even when they’re satisfied with the product.

Now the problem that is common for the sellers and the e-commerce sites isthe number of fake reviews on the product pages. That’s right! the number of fake reviews on review pages are one of the biggest problems the sellers and the sites face, it’s a next to impossible task to go on reading every review and look for the fake ones. We have put a lot of efforts to fix this problem and make our engine as accurate as possible to detect fake reviews. The FeltSo AI engine can go through thousands of reviews while detecting and omitting fake ones. Our team is constantly working on making the engine more accurate to give the best possible results.

AI is being used to solve various business challenges, it gives organization important information, in today’s market almost every business require the help of AI to keep up with their competitors and it’s growth is one off the main objectives today!





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