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With the advent of digital media, social media is an integral part of any brand marketing bandwagon. Getting

With the advent of digital media, social media is an integral part of any brand marketing bandwagon. Getting social media game right can give you words of appreciation while even a slightest of the human mistake get be mocked. Tweets become viral in a matter of seconds and even biggest of the brands sometimes doesn’t able to get their social media game right.

This happened recently with HDFC bank. A customer inquired about submitting Aadhaar card, as a mandatory document for opening bank account over company’s twitter handle. The customer care executive or social media team posted a response in addition to internal reply from their team as well. The whole twitter conversation looked something like this –

twitter mistake

Though HDFC tweet had been removed immediately and a different post had been made as a reply saying that it’s human error and they are committed towards serving customers. There’s no doubt about HDFC customer service and way they have made that brand so big but there are some lessons every brand should take home with this repeating episodes of social media and how to change their social media practices with growing follower base and usage.

This incidents show how there’s a gap between ever increasing brand following and handling and managing social media accounts. No amount of automation can replace human interaction in form of customer service but automating the certain set of action for responding on social media can be of help. We, at SmatSocial, are working with some of the renowned brands for handling their social media and are successful in handling their some of the most daunting challenges.

How SmatSocial can help –

Eva/SmatSocial’s recommendation engine is fed with more than millions of samples posts/tweets and social media messages that help in identifying ‘Positive’, ‘Negative’, ‘Question’ etc. Smatsocial then respond with an auto-responder to comments and messages that are already being fed into the system. This helps marketing team in managing social media pages in real-time with appropriate replies, eliminating delays in responses and human errors.

  • Influencer Marketing –

B2C brands often struggle with finding right influencer for their brand and getting word-of-mouth. SmatSocial is specially designed thinking ahead of times understanding new trends of youtube marketing, bloggers and vloggers. This help brands in identifying right influencer for their products or services and spread brand awareness about the same.

SmatSocial is designed to understand customer conversations and pushing them ahead in customers’ journey from awareness to purchase. Our team of AI engineers has trained SmatSocial with million+ text samples and helped 20+ brands covert more than 7000 leads. It recommends products/services based on audience preferences, answering FAQs and enables you to automate the lead follow-up like quotation generation, more relevant recommendations through email or SMS, uploading to CRMs through its SmatBot webhooks.

SmatSocial is more than just social media management tool and can help brands in getting their social media game right. You can save time and resources by scheduling your posts ahead of time, engaging with your followers, and measuring your social performance from a single dashboard. Try it free today.



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