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Instagram may soon become a lot more content oriented. Recently Instagram was seen testing a new feature that

Instagram may soon become a lot more content oriented. Recently Instagram was seen testing a new feature that would allow its users to follow content the same way as they do people. With this feature at their disposal, people would not only be able to follow other Instagram users, but they would also be able to follow hashtags.

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Instagram user Pippa Akram was the first to spot this change in her feed. She posted on Twitter about the same.


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This feature could make Instagram more accessible and easier to use for its users. There are times when you don’t want to so much follow individual people but follow a topic instead. For instance, you are a major dog person but don’t want to follow several accounts to get those fluffy angels in your feed. Do not fret, for this feature has got you covered. By following a hashtag like #alaskanmalamute or #goldenretreiver, you could get those specific posts on your feed. Following a hashtag of your choice allows you to follow a nice topic.

This feature is particularly helpful to new users who do not exactly know what to do and don’t have the time for a how-to guide on Instagram. If they don’t know whom to follow, they could follow a topic instead.

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That being said, it would be next to impossible to sift through the massive amount of posts which popular hashtags bring with them. Therefore, Instagram seems to be limiting this feature to only ‘top posts’ and ‘recent stories’.

However, this is not going to as simple as it seems. It may work well for extremely specific hashtags like #verybritishproblems. However, a general hashtag like #nature or #love would bring in a plethora of unrelated posts to the users’ feed. A major disadvantage of this feature would be hashtag spamming. People on Instagram already tag posts with unrelated hashtags and this feature would just enable the trolls and spammers.

The feature is being tested so far and has not been rolled out to the general public. There has been no official statement from the company regarding the feature. However, since it could possibly become one of the better utilised features, its probability of being rolled out its high.



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