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Instagram Introduces Hashtag and Profile Links in Bio2 min read

In December 2017, Instagram became more content oriented than ever by introducing the ability to follow hashtags on

In December 2017, Instagram became more content oriented than ever by introducing the ability to follow hashtags on the social media platform. It became more accessible to users across the globe by allowing them to stay connected with their interests, passions, hobbies by simply following a hashtag of their choice. Doing that would expose them to different posts bearing that hashtag.

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Recently Instagram improved on its new hashtag feature and now allows users to add hashtags and profile links in bio. This, according to Instagram, is a “new way to express yourself and things you care about.” This new feature turns the hashtags and profile links in your bio into live links that lead to a hashtag page or another profile.

With this new ability at their disposal, the users of Instagram will be able to express themselves and their likes and interests better in their profiles. Anyone visiting a user’s profile would immediately know of their interests through the hashtags they have added to their bio. Similarly, if the users want to refer some other profile through theirs, they only need to add the profile link.

How to Add Hashtags and Profile Links in Bio

Instagram Hashtag and Profile Links

To add a hashtag or a profile link in their bio, all a user has to do is tap on the Edit Profile option and go to the bio section. Then when the user types # or @, they will receive a list of recommended hashtags and accounts in the typeahead. The users should then select the hashtags and accounts they want. Once the users do that, the hashtags and accounts will be automatically linked in their bio.

A user adding a hashtag is fairly simple and without any negative aspects. However, adding another user’s profile to their bio can get a little problematic for some. To avoid any altercation, Instagram will send a notification to a user when another user adds them to their bio. Upon receiving the notification, the former can either choose to remain linked in the latter’s profile or can choose to remove the link. Their profile will, however, remain in the latter’s bio, but without a link.


Instagram has always prided itself on being a haven for self-expression. Now it offers more and improved ways of doing so. This new feature will help the followers of a user to explore the passions, hobbies, and people in the lives of that user on Instagram with ease.

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