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Any business requires happy customers for an ideal functioning, it’s obvious. But how do you accomplish this task

Any business requires happy customers for an ideal functioning, it’s obvious. But how do you accomplish this task of making your customers happy? that’s the question that can make or break the deal for you.

Every business works in a different manner if observed closely and that means they provide service to their customers in different manners while trying to be a tad bit better than their competitors. In order to make a your customer happy you need to give them such an experience which will make them want to use your service again and in order to do that you will have to make a plan and improve their experience each time they use your service. Although it seems like a complicated task, but actually it’s quite simple. First of all to give your customer the best experience you need to learn how a customer thinks, what’s the process their mind goes through before buying your product or using your service, that’s what is known as a ‘CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP’.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

A Customer Journey map can be described as diagram that illustrates the steps your customer(s) go through in engaging with your company, whether it be a product, an online experience, retail experience, or a service, or any combination, for example when a customer books a hotel, what process is that consumer going through is the customer journey map.

With Customer Journey Map we can look at very specific customer-company interactions. It gives a hint of the customer’s greater motivation like what are their goals or what are their expectations from the organization. So basically you can say that the primary goal of Customer Journey Maps is teach organizations more about their customers.


The importance of Customer Journey Map.


This map is one of the main focuses in big organizations today. It helps you understand what a customer is going through while choosing whether they’ll use your service/product or not . Here are some facts by Apiumtech to get a rough idea of how important Customer Journey Map is:


What’s the necessity?

A customer journey map helps you learn about your customer in a deeper and productive way, but it only works if made alongside a business goal because maps that don’t connect to some business goal will give no valuable insight. These maps can be used to

  • Target Specific Customers
  • Improve efficiency and remove inconsistencies in your customer’s experience
  • Design a new customer experience
  • Establish development priorities and much more


What are the key elements on a Customer Journey Map?


  • Point of view: This is like choosing the main character of a book. The first and foremost thing to be taken care of is selecting whom you’re making the map for! The thing to keep in mind is, while making a map you should create it with only one point of view, to get a strong insight on the persona.
  • Actions, Mindsets, Sentiments/Emotions: For making a map you need data points like what the user is doing, thinking or feeling during the journey. The data points should be based on qualitative research, such as field studies and diary studies.
  • Scenario: Determining specific experience to the map. The journey could be an existing one where you can uncover the positives and negatives of the current experience or an experience that is yet to occur for a product that doesn’t exist yet! But the main thing to keep in  mind is making sure to clear the customer’s goal during this experience.
  • Insights and ownership: These two elements are overlooked many times, but in reality they are very important as giving ownership to different parts of the map so it’s clear who’s responsible for what aspect of the customer journey!


The Graphic of the map is not designed to deal with every aspect of the customer experience, instead it should tell a simple story to catch people’s attention on what the customer needs. No aspect is small or big, each and every aspect plays an important role in the customer’s decision to choose you as a service or product.






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