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“Man is by nature a social animal.” When Aristotle said this, he must not have predicted how applicable

Man is by nature a social animal.” When Aristotle said this, he must not have predicted how applicable it would be in the 21st century. Only he did not mean it in terms of social media. However, for millennials living in this day and age, being social is not about philosophy anymore, it is about the various social media platforms we find ourselves unwittingly drawn towards. 


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Millenials have grown up surrounded by technology and have lived in an age of global connections. Like all demographics, they perceive the outside world based on their knowledge and experience and do not settle for anything less than their expectations. Living in a world of diverse knowledge, ideas and experiences is precisely what makes marketing to millennials a little challenging.

Here are a few things to consider when marketing to millennials:

1. Millennials are Social Beings

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When it comes to social media, millennials are one of the most important demographics. It is a defining characteristic of their generation. From staying in touch with family and friends to staying updated on current events, millennials use social media for everything. They use all kinds of apps and websites to form their opinions. Millennials gather information about a product, special sales and shopping news from social media. It is therefore advisable that you use social media to cater to this demographic. To do this, identify the correct medium, and then follow it up with relevant content, conversation or campaign.

2. Offer Personalised Customer Experience



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Millennials do not want to be treated only as customers. They want to be recognised as a part of the brand. They want to know that they are dealing with a friend rather than a corporate entity. This can be achieved through personalised experience and millennials respond positively to it. You must use all media to create this personalised experience for your customers. Send them important emails regarding an upcoming sale or drop a message to them if the price of an item in their cart has come down. More often than not, simply engaging with them on social media will increase their loyalty towards you.

3. Offer Online Customer Service Experience


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In a world where customer loyalty is not granted, you must do everything to retain them. This includes answering the questions and replying to their queries all through the day. Millennials want their problems solved and they want it done yesterday. A slight delay in resolving the issue can cost you a bad review and potentially at least one customer. There could be more who follow the lead as millennials take their online reviews very seriously. However, what they do appreciate is adept customer service. For this, you need to have customer support 24×7. You can automate this process through social media tools where a chatbot will assuage your customer in the middle of the night and then its human counterpart can take it up in the morning. SmatSocial offers this and several other automation services.

4. Authenticity and Transparency


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If you are seeking to connect with your audience, you must relinquish the facade of being an upstanding organisation and actually be one. Pretense will not work with millennials. If they find your message to be patronising or demeaning, rest assured, they will call you out on it. Millennials see through the facade and are quick to point it out on social media for the world to see. They are not afraid of and are willing to take on the heavyweights of marketing and well-established brands.

Therefore, instead of investing a lot of time, energy and money in putting on a show of being authentic and transparent, just do it. Inauthentic and half-hearted attempts to connect with people often backfire. The best way forward is to identify the elements that resonate strongly with your target audience and simply expressing your message without any pandering. And if a marketing mishap or a PR disaster does occur, the best way to handle it is by addressing the issue head-on by real brand representatives, with minimal spin.

5. Create Shareable Content


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Social media plays a huge role in the lives of millennials. Brands can no longer get away with only creating a positive brand experience. Now, they also have to create quality content that is worth sharing on social media. This is not just for the benefit of your followers. When a follower shares your content on their social profiles, they increase your reach and possibly your followers. With the number of followers an average millennial has, your reach is increased exponentially when they share your content. Most people discover brands when their friends, family members or colleagues share, follow, like, pin or retweet a brand or content they like. This way they become your brand advocates.

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6. Captivating Visuals are Essential


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Visual content on social media works along the lines of ‘love at first sight.’ If it is not attractive enough, chances are it will get overlooked. That is the truth of the virtual world as is of real life. This is especially true for photo sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. If your content is not aesthetically pleasing, your followers will move right past it.

Creating good design is not going above and beyond for your customers. This is something they have come to expect over the years on social media. So it is not about creating a quality product anymore; you also have to market it in a visually appealing way.

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7. Make Them Laugh


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Millennials value humour and laughter. Your message should be fun, thought-provoking or informative. You don’t want your message to be boring, preachy or baffling. You can entertain your customers with a cheeky one-liner, a pun or even a cute rhyme. Most millennials appreciate a chuckle while going about their day. This is especially relevant for social media. Humour makes content not only interesting, but also worth sharing. This increases your engagement with your followers and also helps in converting followers into customers.

8. Reward Brand Loyalty


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Millennials have more options for any given product or service than any of the previous generations. This is the reason why they are not loyal to a particular brand. If you manage to have a loyal customer, you must do everything in your power to retain them. You can use your customers’ purchase history and data to reward them. Offer the most loyal of them additional discounts. You can even give them a sneak peak of the sale and give them the option of ordering the merchandise on sale before it begins at discounted prices. You can also offer exclusive access or privileges that convey special status.

9. Say No to Celebrity Endorsement


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Gone are the days when brands would hire celebrity spokespersons. This generation does not become loyal to a brand based on its ambassador. Millennials are more invested in the products and services they buy. They look for regular, everyday people who can give them honest, unbiased review. Millennials are not moved by the advocacy of celebrities, but want to inform themselves by the unfiltered honesty of bloggers, vloggers, and YouTube stars.

Millennials deem a brand credible when they see products being represented by regular people who have nothing to gain from endorsing them. The unscripted transparency of product users and previous customers is appreciated more than celebrity endorsements by this generation.

10. Inspire to Do Good


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Millennials want to know that the brands they are associated with are not thinking about only themselves. They tend to take the idea of ‘corporate greed’ very seriously. While they do understand that brands are out in the market to make profits, they want these brands to be more philanthropic. The idea is that brands that are more invested in bringing higher-order benefits to the world are well-liked and are more likely to succeed in any products or services they launch. Millennials are willing to try a new product if they know that the brand supports a good cause. Therefore, a strong brand purpose is not limited only to increasing the goodwill of your brand, but it also translates into conversions. Such brands provide millennials with an option to passively contribute to the causes they support.

Take Away

Millennials are the most influential generation at the moment. Their inclination towards technology and spending power makes them especially valuable to brands and therefore marketers. They are the driving force behind trends. Brands have to realise their worth and redefine customer engagement and brand loyalty according to millennials. Unless they can measure up to the standards of this generation, they will find themselves cast aside.

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