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Reaching Your Target Audience Is The Best Marketing Strategy4 min read

Customer Feedback is much more powerful than you think! We know that going through statistics and numbers all day

Customer Feedback is much more powerful than you think! We know that going through statistics and numbers all day long can be a boring and tedious task, but on the other hand they provide valuable insights on what your customers feel about you, even with those insights there’s a limit to the information we can get from them.

There is a much more powerful tool than Statistics, your customer’s feedback. Trusting statistics is not bad, but assuming what your audience feels about you through statistics can damage your brand. The best insight you can get about your customers is through your customers! Instead of reading statistics and assuming what your customer feels about you, why not just ask them!?

Feedback from the customer comes first hand to you and you can see directly what they feel about your brand. Making marketing strategies can be much easier and you can tell why they are using your service.


Reaching your Target Audience is not that hard! ways you can reach them are:


Emails can be very effective when trying to reach your target customers. it’s quick, it’s efficient and the customer can contact you directly within minutes, all you need to do is build a list of your customers email addresses. Build a decent looking sign up page in your website and request customers to provide you email address to get notifications about, sales, promotions, and special events.

Ask customers to sign up for your websites and in return you can offer some sort of an incentive like 10% off on the next purchase, theses are small but effective strategies that will help you reach out to your customers much more effectively!

And it doesn’t end here, you can even send out personalized emails to your customers asking them about their experience with your organization, this is a great opportunity to get an online feedback and work on your strategies based on all the negative feedback.



Collecting customer feedback becomes very easy with surveys, they can help you get your customer’s email addresses easily so you can send them personal emails regarding your organization, but surveys don’t work if you don’t do it  in the proper manner! Keep in mind to:

Keep the survey as short as possible, if it takes more than 10 minutes then the customers will get bored and leave the survey incomplete.

Use the 10 minutes you have efficiently, ask relevant questions that will give you useful insights. Keep in mind what you want to know and why you want to know it.

And the last thing to keep in mind is to keep the questions open-ended, limiting the question to multiple choice will limit your customer’s feedback and they won’t be able to express themselves properly.

And the most important one!


There are times when some of your customers just stop using your service without any reason, well actually they have their reason they just didn’t want to go through the hassle of telling you, even your happy customers might have some aspects of your business in mind that they don’t like, but are too polite to bring it up!

Motivate your customers to write online reviews and make sure they know that you want their honest opinion, because even one tiny flaw in your service can lead to a huge inconvenience for your customers. Positive reviews will give you confidence on your service but negative reviews will give you useful information as to what changes you need to make in your service. So it’s fine if you have some negative reviews, your goal must be to reduce the number of negative reviews and improve your customer’s experience!

According to a recent survey in the US

– 92% hesitate to purchase if there are no reviews.

– 97% take reviews into consideration when making purchasing decisions.

– 94% of consumers typically read written reviews to find out specifically what customers liked and didn’t like.

Quite surprising right? that’s how powerful customer reviews are, these reviews are the key to giving your clients an amazing customer experience!

Customers have trouble trusting products or services based on just the information you provide, they need to know what other customers have to say about your organization and customer feedback is the key for this lock! And obviously you can’t go through all these reviews, so you’ll have to take help of a review analytics organization like FeltSo so you have a clear picture of your customer’s opinion.



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