Small Duration, Big Responsibility, Fast learning : The Lifetime Experience of a Data Science Intern At FeltSo4 min read

As a Chinese proverb says “Learning is a treasure that will follow it’s owner everywhere.” Even one of

As a Chinese proverb says “Learning is a treasure that will follow it’s owner everywhere.” Even one of the most ambitious personalities of this century Elon Musk, when he started out with ‘SpaceX’ he didn’t know anything about rocket science or space, he learned all that from books and the people he hired. And when we talk about development and progress young minds play a big role in that. Proper mentoring and the will to learn can benefit the individual grow and further benefit the society. In the modern society one of the best platforms for youngsters to learn is through internships. Students are in a protected environment inside the college, they study and try to grasp everything but the real challenge is facing the world outside of college, internships not only helps the student grow in the work environment but on other aspects of life too. Managing the work, social life and finances is not an easy task, and internship is a phase between studies and work where an individual uses their knowledge to see how well they can implement what they’ve learned over the years.

Mentors play a huge role in an intern’s experience. The way an organization treats it’s interns, if they give them important responsibilities or not impact the student very much. We would like to share the experience of one of our interns ‘Saideep Talari’ at FeltSo.

Given this was his first internship it was important for him to have a productive experience. He says

“It was a great experience working here at FeltSo as an intern. It was my very first internship and I was given the task of detecting deceptive/fake reviews. At first I had no idea how to take on this challenge, but with time I realized some pre processing and machine learning might solve this. While progressing with my method I noticed that it was not that promising and still needs some fixing. I was stuck and had no idea how to move forward. The CEO of FeltSo was very helpful at times like these and he fixed me up with some resources that drove me in the right direction.

I learned a lot of things during my internship here. The first thing I learned and understood was that data collection is very crucial and also a very difficult part of any Data science project. I spent a lot of time collecting data from various sources. I finally understood why many successful data scientists say that the first step is very important. After collecting the data I had to extract several features from it which was new to me, but thankfully he(CEO) was there to provide me with the required resources even though I was just an intern.

The collaborative environment encouraged me to learn about the project and play a helpful role in it. I was a remote intern, still I received a lot of support from the team and my fellow interns.

I was given a task that had no solution (at least on the web). I’m still solving that puzzle which is probably solved by some other and thinking that this is it, but that’s not the way of learning. The internship provided me with a puzzle which hadn’t been solved previously by anyone. I had to explore the depths of all the possible ways like neural nets, deep nets etc… to build an optimal model.

I am good at computer vision but had no clue about ‘Natural Language Processing (NLP)’ which was the central idea of my project. I conveyed this to the CEO, he encouraged and motivated me to get comfortable with NLP and I was able to finish my project with great accuracy. During the internship we were encouraged to build a task list which needed to be submitted for a weekly report, at first I felt it was unnecessary but with time I realized that it was some kind of accountability that pushed me to progress through the learning process and finish the project the right way.

What I would like to conclude is that if you have decent knowledge on Data science and need good hands on, FeltSo is definitely the right choice. I’m expecting to complete my graduation and apply here as soon as possible.”

This was the experience shared by one of our interns. We are glad that the internship helped him and as you probably noticed, good mentor-ship can take someone a long way and prepare them mentally for the challenges ahead. We hope to keep this up and encourage all the young minds out there to take up difficult challenges and do things they didn’t think they could.



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