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This blog is about how businesses can do smart social media marketing. Most brands today have a social

This blog is about how businesses can do smart social media marketing. Most brands today have a social media presence. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, businesses have permeated into all major social platforms and no social channel now remains insulated from marketing.

Social media has long-term benefits and should therefore not be sidelined while implementing a marketing strategy. While it does take time and effort, the pros of having a dedicated and efficient social media team far outweigh the cons. However, when you have a significant presence on social media across different channels, managing all of them at the same time becomes a challenge. This is where marketing automation tools come into play. They enable you to have a larger presence and impact on social media at a reduced cost, in less time.

One such marketing automation tool is Smart Social. Founded in 2015, it is an artificial intelligence driven social media marketing automation tool that helps you achieve your social media marketing objectives in the following ways:


Smart Social Engagement

Your social accounts are an extension of your brand and together with your followers, they become a close-knit community. If your followers do not feel like a community, they may lose interest and you, followers. It is therefore imperative for businesses to not only have followers on social media but also to keep those followers engaged. However, it is not always easy to keep up with your followers on several social accounts at one time. Smart Social offers solutions for all these problems.

  • Keeping Audience Engaged – Smart Social will keep your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn pages alive while you are away. It will keep your followers engaged by sourcing trending articles relating to the keywords, Pages and blogs you set up.
  • Interaction with Followers – Smart Social will monitor your Facebook Pages in real-time and auto-respond to comments based on the category in which they fall (‘Positive’, “Negative’, ‘Question’). You have the freedom to devise your own messages with respect to the type of comments received.
  • Stay Informed – Smart Social’s alerting service will keep you and your social media management team informed in case of unanticipated events on your social channels, like ‘Complaints’, ‘Questions’, ‘Negative Feedback’. Staying on top of these issues improves your customer service and interactions.

Content Creation

Smart Social Content Creation

In order to add more followers and retain the ones you already have, you must offer them novel and fresh content. Here is how Smart Social can help you with creating quality content for your audience.

  • Customise Images – One way to create dynamic content is to include relevant and attractive images. Smart Social offers over a million images which you can then edit in its partner professional editing tool and shared with your audience. This can be done within the dashboard itself, thereby reducing the time and effort that would be put into it.
  • Hashtags – Smart Social helps you to be a part of a larger conversation by recommending relevant hashtags every time you post from the dashboard.

Marketing Your Brand

From establishing your brand on social media to analysing its growth and results, Smart Social helps you during all stages of social media management.

  • Increasing Visibility – Smart Social gives you the option to set up the auto spread viral message across connected social media platforms to get your brand name out there for the world to see. You can share it on links that are relevant to your keywords and business with just a single click.
  • Grow Your Follower Base – Smart Social will automatically recommend relevant people and influencers for you to follow. This will connect you to people and brands in your field and a follow back from them will expose you to their followers. Smart Social recommends upto 20 relevant profiles on Twitter and Instagram every day for you to follow.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Page – Using its call-to-action feature, Smart Social will drive traffic back to your website or blog by leveraging existing content. This is a simple, but effective technique applied to ensure that the reader, through a pop-up, remembers your brand name while reading the existing content.
  • Analyse the Results – Smart Social regularly reports back on key metrics like engagement, reach, followers, unfollowers. It therefore, becomes easy to analyse your marketing strategies and measure their impact. Using the data from Smart Social’s report generation service, you can recognise the strategies that work and do not work for your brand. You can accordingly take informed decisions and make changes to your marketing strategies.

Time Saving Features of Smart Social

Smart Social Time Saving Features

In today’s fast-pacing world, time is of the essence. It is therefore important to not only respect the time of your followers and that of your employees, it is also important to recognise the right time to engage with your audience.

  • Scheduling – Smart Social gives you the option to schedule posts across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn upto a year in advance. You can choose what to post and when. This feature gives your employees the freedom to enjoy their weekends and other holidays while maintaining consistency in your posts. This is a definite way of keeping both your employees and followers happy.
  • Reposting – Using Smart Social, you can easily re-schedule old posts.
  • Auto-Response – Smart Social monitors and auto-responds to the comments made by your audience based on their type.
  • Notifications – Smart Social keeps you updated regarding the comments on your social media channels.



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