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A Complete User Guide for SmatSocial – The Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Intelligence Tool Powered by A.I.

A Complete User Guide for SmatSocial – The Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Intelligence Tool Powered by A.I.

Why SmatSocial?

SmatSocial builds strong connections with your audience on social media by being more attentive to all their needs. It listens to your users, plans how to engage with them, publishes content that constantly intrigues, measures the reach/impact of your content. All these naturally revolve around one single aspect, your content.

Whether you are a popular brand with a huge social media presence or an upcoming brand taking strides, a startup or an organization with a global footprint, the underlying thumb rules remain the same. Engage your Audience. That’s the holy grail on which everything else hinges.

What is SmatSocial? What can it do?

SmatSocial is your AI based social media assistant that helps ensure you never miss the reviews, queries, and feedback of your audience. It is one single platform which can lessen your burden and, the time and money you spend on social media marketing. It increases your brand’s exposure, increases the traffic, improves search rankings, gets insights for your marketplace; all these while reducing your marketing costs.

 It is a 24×7 working AI assistant. It knows what to bring to your notice, what helps you grow among the audience, what can help you/your brand to get into audience. It’s trained to analyze what to forbid and what to be regaled from the interactions with your audience. 

CHAPTER 1: Getting Started on SmatSocial

Adding an Account

You can connect all your social channels just by creating one new account of SmatSocial on Initially, you can get started with a 15-day free trial to help you get accustomed to the product and to ensure you can explore the entire gamut of features on offer. Additionally, you can also use this to educate SmatSocial to recommend content relevant to you and to automate your customer interactions more effectively.

Currently, we support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube

Once you create an account by providing some basic credentials like email address, brand name & password; all you need to do is to sign-in and connect your social channels by moving to the settings section. To connect, follow  Account >> Input Channels, where you can add all the social platforms.

SmatSocial - Input Channels

Add your output channels where you can add your slack team so as to get your weekly reports regarding your audience growth/traffic & the development in customer engagement with your brand.

SmatSocial - Output Channels

You even get notifications about new features to your Email Address, if implemented.

Adding Multiple Accounts

SmatSocial enables you to monitor and manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube activities even for multiple accounts. Hence, SmatSocial can be your time savior in automating all your social activities, leaving you with much more free time to focus on your core business development.

CHAPTER 2: Features of SmatSocial

From native and budding businesses to fully grown international enterprises, SmatSocial amplifies the marketing standards on all your social profiles with promisable ROI.

Feature 1 : Customer Engagement

Why is this needed?

If you leave your pages without responding to the comments made, positive or negative or spam, the comments section can soon become chaotic and in some cases also prove harmful to the brand image. To combat this, SmatSocial can assess whether the comment is a good review or bad review, scrutinize if it’s a question or suggestion or a compliment and act accordingly.

How to enable this feature?

SmatSocial - Customer Engagement


In the settings section of “Customer Engagement”, you can setup automatic actions like “Like”, “Reply”, “Personal Message”, “Hide”, “Delete” on specific events such as positive comment, suggestion, comparison, question, complaint, negative comment, spam or vulgar.


It helps you make sure you never miss a review, a query, or a feedback of your audience round the clock which can be through a tweet, a comment or a message. Also, it provides effective automated responses efficiently to your customers.

SmatSocial can sense the content of the customers’ comments using our backend natural language processing. SmatSocial can respond to the comment according to the instructions you gave while setting up the account.

SmatSocial - Customer Engagement DashBoard

You can even manually respond or react to them if needed, with so much ease as all the comments from all the posts will be columned and chronologically arranged.

Feature 2 : Trending Content Creation

Basically, the internet is like a spider web or in technical terms, say big data. You can never know everything about some particular topic unless some similar relevant topics are being recommended.

Why is this needed?

  1. To implement viral marketing like never before.
  2. To increase traffic on your sites.
  3. To improve brand recognition.
  4. To know about your rival companies, their growth, their strengths and weakness; thereby coming up with apt content to your mutual audience.


In the settings section of “Content Recommendation”, you get 5 sub-features. They are:

  1. Trending content recommendation from following Facebook Pages & custom Blogs
  2. Trending content recommendation from your specified categories & business keywords
  3. Backlink message attached to every link you share
  4. Custom & auto generated relevant hashtags
  5. Viral Messaging

Sub Feature 1 : Trending from following Facebook Pages & Custom Blogs

SmatSocial - Following URL Setup

In the Content Recommendation >> “Following” >> “Facebook” section, you can give upto 8 URLs of facebook pages i.e.,

You can follow those Facebook pages you feel that are important to your business and can get you content which is useful for your target audience as well.

SmatSocial - Trending in following

Similarly, following the blogs from all your favourite websites takes so much of your time since you can’t get hands on all those at one platform. So, SmatSocial brought a new feature which can save your time and effort in checking each of your favourite websites.

SmatSocial - Custom Blogs Setup

So, in the Content Recommendation >> “Following” >> “Custom Blogs” section, you can give upto 8 URLs of Websites and Blogs you want to follow.

SmatSocial - Custom Blogs Dashboard

It syndicates all the content from various websites and online publisher’s blogs. This brings all your favourite websites’ RSS feed to one place. You get a chance to customize the websites’ lists you want to frequently follow.

Sub Feature 2 : Trending from Business categories/ keywords

SmatSocial - Keywords Setup

You can select your business category based on which you can get the trending news content all over the world. Additionally, you can even give 10 different keywords which you feel are necessary for your daily-go-through-business-topics to bring trending content near you.

You can also give words which are to be exempted while recommending the content.

SmatSocial - Not Keyword

So that you cannot come across the content which contains those keywords.

Sub Feature 3 : Backlink message added to every link you share

While sharing many posts from our SmatSocial Dashboard, you have a lot of chance to lose your audience soon the content in that post is finished. So, to drive them back on your site (with other core information a user wants to have), we came up with this new feature called backlinking which acts as a pop-up notification right bottom corner of every blog you share, showing your company’s name with a small message (Limit of 150 characters) which helps in stating all the important keywords in one line which is very helpful for SEO as well.

SmatSocial - backlinks


SmatSocial - Company Profile

Go to Settings >> “Profile Settings” section, provide your company’s name, website Url and state your message.

Sub Feature 4 : Custom & auto-generated Relevant Hashtags

Custom Hashtags:

Minding the importance and efficiency of the current trend in social media – Hashtagging, SmatSocial sees the necessity of adding all the essential hashtags to the posts you share. It makes sure all your customized hashtags about your product/service are added to each of your posts by allowing you to list all those in prior.

SmatSocial - Custom Tags Setup

Goto Settings >> “Custom Tags” section, list all the tags you want to use for your posts/shares.


Auto Generated Relevant Hashtags:

SmatSocial with its AI technology auto recommends relevant hashtags to every post you share/ schedule from the dashboard. These relevant hashtags lessen the time taken in projecting all the apt tags to those posts.

SmatSocial - Hashtags

So, while scheduling or sharing any post from the dashboard, these tags automatically gets attached to that post. You can preview the posts that you share while scheduling to recheck if both custom and relevant hashtags have been attached.

Sub Feature 5 : Viral Messaging

Why is it needed?

Because whenever you see relevant articles, you feel an urge to comment about your company website/ app/ Facebook page since it reaches to your target audience. This task is herculean in itself taking a lot of your time and effort.

So, SmatSocial saves your time by executing this using Artificial Intelligence. The way this works is that the message you customized to be spread gets disseminated through comments on all the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc on the articles that you share, which means you are leaving no chance of not getting into your audience’s sight.


SmatSocial - Spread Message Setup

You get a chance to Choose your social channel from the drop-down list in that content Recommendation >> Viral Messaging Section where you can state your message that you believe would be engaging to the audience.

SmatSocial - Spread Message

So, while scheduling or sharing any post from SmatSocial dashboard,

You have an option right below every post stated as “Spread Viral Message”. Checkmark that option, hence with a single click, your brand name can be on all the posts.

Results of Content Recommendation:

  1. You will have clear-cut knowledge on all the topmost trending topics users are interested in which helps you in creating some content regarding your product/service which can have more reach in people.
  2. You become good at knowing how the things are working out or turning great for your competitors.
  3. Your brand name can go on all the posts you see on the dashboard.
  4. Following the trend- Hashtags and using the latest technique- AI, your posts get tagged with some apt tags and custom tags which helps the audience to get your blog/post with easy keywords’ search.

Needless to say, recommendations work on highly sophisticated algorithms that AI can learn and unlearn from the activities done by each individual on the internet.

Feature 3 : Auto Scheduling of Posts on multiple social channels

Why is this needed?

Publishing relevant posts on various social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter manually by scheduling them at the most suited date and time for you/ your brand is sure a burden since you see thousands of posts every day that is relevant/ important. But with SmatSocial, your problem is solved.

Special mention for scheduling posts on Instagram:

Unlike scheduling the posts on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn; Instagram needs to get especially integration with one Chrome extension called “Insta on Desk” which can be installed from Chrome Webstore. Then Add your Instagram connector to SmatSocial in the Settings >> “Input Channels” section and approve the permission for SmatSocial to access the account. Follow the link “Insta On Desk” extension & SmatSocial, click on the “connection status” in the extension. And make sure you got desktop notification mentioning “Successfully integrated Instagram with SmatSocial”.

Follow this link to know how to publish Instagram posts using SmatSocial.

You can now start sharing/scheduling all the relevant Instagram posts that you see, directly from your SmatSocial Dashboard. with a single click.

SmatSocial - schedule post on dashboard

How ?

SmatSocial - schedule post on dashboard

On SmatSocial dashboard, on every post you come across (whether it’s from Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or INSTAGRAM), you can see one checkbox option labeled as “Schedule on” below that post. Mark that option which brings you to a new window frame on which you can manually choose the media channels you want the post to be spread, give some engaging title to that post, can edit the auto-generated relevant hashtags and schedule the post by setting the time and date that suits you/ your audience.

How to edit/check/ re-schedule those posts?

Next to “Trending in Category”, you can see “Scheduled Posts” in four convenient options- Year/ Month/ Week/ Day.

SmatSocial - Calender

There you can check the scheduled posts, edit the date and time of any particular posts and can even delete those pre-scheduled posts.

SmatSocial - Reschedule

Feature 4 : Notifications & Alerts

SmatSocial Notification & Alerts

In the Settings >> “Notifications & Alerts” section, You can mention who to get notified in your team and on what to get notified according to the actions (comments, which can be positive/ negative/ question/ suggestion/ spam/ vulgar) of the users. So, that you can always be attentive when the comments are done by the users/ audience if immediately need your response in personal.

Feature 5 : Reports Generation

SmatSocial - Report Generation

You can ask for weekly reports either through Emails or by connecting and sharing in your slack teams so that you can know your audience growth/traffic & the development in customer engagement with your brand.

SmatSocial Tour

SmatSocial - Tour

To know what and what about the specifications in SmatSocial and how to use them, Go to Help >> “Start Tour”.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Despite all other upcoming platforms for automation with a similar vision, unlike other multiple platforms which achieve various marketing goals like:

  1. Auto Scheduling the Posts,
  2. Creating dynamic content,
  3. Increasing customer engagement,
  4. Auto-generating relevant hashtags and attach them to custom hashtags,
  5. Creating backlinks on link shares,
  6. Enabling viral marketing through auto spread viral messaging on relevant posts,
  7. Analyzing the end results.



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