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How a Social Media AI Assistant is going to change the social media market?4 min read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the part of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines that behave

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the part of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines that behave like humans. A computer program with Artificial Intelligence performs various activities. The applications of AI are used in various fields such as Gaming, Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems and Vision Systems.

FeltSo Social Media AI Assistant -1

Social Media AI Assistant

Social Media AI Assistants are very crucial to increase any business productivity and profitability. They build and manage business networks, promote the brand across various platforms, communicate with customers and solve their problems and much more. The various tasks performed by a Social Media Assistant are:

  • Building pages and showing presence on social media platform based on the marketing strategy of the Business.
  • Advising and giving information as per latest market trends and buyers persona.
  • Creating articles with engaging content to hit the target audience.
  • Playing their role in social media campaigns and assisting the marketing teams.
  • Managing social media communication to promote audience/client interaction.
  • Analyze and develop reports based on the results of the existing social media projects.
  • Providing new ideas and concepts for social media content.

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The latest technology is to include artificial intelligence in the social media platform to get the results automatically without any manual work. Let’s have a look at the companies who use social media AI assistants.

Facebook: Facebook, the most happening social media platform uses AI with facial recognition feature. This feature can be used for tagging photos and also by the brands for marketing on social media. For instance, any clothing store can offer coupons to their followers who post photo in their place. With the images getting published can help the brands to market on social media well.

KLM: KLM is integrating Digital Genius artificial intelligence into its system to help agents respond to the questions that it receives through social media. When it has to answer a question he or she gets a proposed answer through an AI. He/she has to decide whether the answer is right or not and then make changes wherever necessary.

Echobox:  Echobox is a software company which provides AI driven social media assistant for online publishers. It aids publishers increase traffic by posting articles on social media platforms by analyzing large amount of data. It uses the publisher’s historic data and analytics. This technology is used by a number of publishers such as Le Monde, Le Figaro and much more.

Post Intelligence: Post Intelligence is a social media assistant which uses an Artificial Intelligence called Pi. Pi knows exactly what your followers like and will tell you what and when to post. It also provides audience insights and recommends the best sponsored content using deep learning algorithms.

CortexCortex’s brain is an Artificial Intelligence platform that understands marketing content and predicts how consumers will react to that content. To do this, Cortex looks at the content posted by brands and their competitors and sees over 50 different ‘features’ in each piece of content. This helps to find elements that make content better and automates improvements to save time. Cortex customers are Heineken, 1800 flowers.com, Hulu, Showcase and much more.

Rocco: Rocco learns the ins-and-outs the business and brand voice. Rocco will suggest fresh content that is engaging to followers. It will also update on which campaign formulas are working.

Vestorly: Vestorly for social media populates your social media profiles automatically and increase your list of email contacts. It integrates your social media activity with your email newsletters by sending clicks back to your website and generates new email contacts for personalized communications. 


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Last but not least,

SmatSocial AI:FeltSo Social Media AI Assistant logo
SmatSocialAI Engine can detect positive & negative Sentiments, Suggestions, Complaints, Questions, Comparisons, Spams & Abusive comments from a given text. It can also understand mis-spelt, Shortcuts, Bilingual/Codemix (Hindi + English) which are most frequent in any social media data to give most accurate results.

SmatSocial can help social media agents automate most of their daily activities like
1) Trending content creation
2) Customer Engagement
3) Notifications & Alerts
4) Report Generation

Trending Content Creation:

You can set up your top business keywords and competitor URLs to get trending posts & create engage-able content.

Customer Engagement:

Setup automatic actions ‘Like’, ‘Reply’, ‘Personal Message’, ‘Hide’, ‘Delete’ on specific events such as Positive Comment, Spam, Suggestion, Question, Complaint, Comparison, Negative Comment to increase engagement with customers.

Notifications & Alerts:

Setup notification & alert rules on specific events of Negative Comment, Question, Complaint, Increase in Negative Feedback etc to send notifications directly to your output channels.

Report Generation:

Setup important customer engagement and sentiment metrics to get daily, weekly and monthly reports to your output channels.


The collaboration of AI and social Media is a huge advantage to the Business. It helps in predicting their future and act accordingly to gain profits by analyzing the data and identifying the customer needs. This collaboration has a huge impact on digital marketing too. Companies want to promote their brands by using these advanced technologies to reach targeted customers. In this way they can grow their business in less amount of time. Thus the application of AI into social media is taking the marketing platform into a new level.

Over time, the computer itself – whatever its form factor – will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your day. We will move from mobile-first to an AIfirst world.       –  Sundar Pichai,Google CEO



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