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293,00 statuses posted on Facebook every 60 seconds. 500 million tweets per day. 160,00  articles published on LinkedIn

293,00 statuses posted on Facebook every 60 seconds.

500 million tweets per day.

160,00  articles published on LinkedIn weekly.

95 million photos & videos posted on Instagram every day.

100s of thousands of content bundles get published every single minute on these social channels. So how do you achieve the unique place in your audience’s minds? How do you engage your audience with the right message and apt brand recall?

Listening to your users, Planning how to engage them, Publishing content that constantly engages, Measuring the reach/impact of your content, all these naturally revolve around one single aspect. Your Content. Whether you are a brand, an organization, a startup or an agency handling a multitude of brands, that’s the holy grail on which everything else hinges.

On this digital canvas and in the middle of a sea of monotonic post and generic messages, it’s easy to lose sight of the overall objective and “follow the herd”. 

We, at SmatSocial strive to give our users an undue advantage over their competitors, help them stay ahead of the social media game.

Whether you are a popular brand with a huge social media presence, or an up and coming brand taking strides, a start-up or an organization with a global footprint, the underlying thumb rules remain the same. Engage your Audience. To that effect, here are a few Do’s and Don’t’s in social media.

Do’s and Don’t’s of social media

  1. You DO need to have a plan. Creating engaging content at a consistent rate, keeping to build an influential and broad network, tailor-making content for different user groups can be challenging but with due diligence and sincere “listening” can be nailed over time.
  2. As a social media manager, DO become a good social citizen as that would keep you and hence your brand abreast with the latest happenings in the field and know what your competitors are up to.
  3. DO know the who’s who and the what’s what in your domain and follow the influential profiles related to the subject area. If possible engage them to have them follow your handle. In short, DO get real about your social media like it was a social hangout place and you were a performer of the evening.
  4. Reply to complaints with personalized apologies and assurance that it will be handled. Handle compliments with a “Gratitude” message. When you want to start an interactive discussion, start it with “open” statements and let your audience take it over from there.
  5. Your audience is on social networks and hence is tech-savvy. DON’T assume they aren’t. Treat them that way. They have the whole information of the world at their fingertips. So they can’t be taken for granted.
  6. DON’T be too eager to grow your followers by spamming all the networks. Grow it organically and at a practically workable pace.

Thankfully, the advent of social media is accompanied by its own ecosystem of tools and technologies which help automate the iterative processes of listening, planning, publishing and measuring and let content curator focus on just one thing i.e. content creation.

Now, there are multiple automation tools for social media marketing which checks every single point in the above do’s and don’ts list. Apart from those,

Social Media Marketing Automation also,

  • Increases the exposure
  • Increase the traffic better
  • Improves your brand recognition
  • Improves search rankings
  • Gets Insights for your marketplace and importantly
  • Reduces marketing costs.

Here are few of the automation tools which you can use for managing your Social Media Accounts like a pro –

Few Automation tools with different insights:

SmatSocialSocial Media Marketing Automation-Eva

SmatSocial is a dedicated social media Assistant based on Artificial Intelligence you can use to monitor and manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube activities even for multiple accounts.

  • From native and budding businesses to fully grown international enterprises, amplifies and standardizes marketing on all your social profiles with promisable ROI.

Customer Engagement

  • It helps you make sure you never miss a review, a query, or a feedback of your audience round the clock which can be through a tweet, a comment or a message.
  • Takes the responsibility of making your inbox zero. Also, it provides effective responses efficiently to your customers.

Trending Content Creation

  • It can recommend you the trending keywords for your business.
  • Automatically getting keywords from a website using IBM Watson.
  • It curates the entire relevant content under one roof, finds you all the trending creative content based on those keywords and makes you avail some unique cum trending content to discover and connect to your target audience.

Notifications & Alerts

  • 24X7 working AI assistant. Knows what to bring to your notice, what helps you grow wider among the audience, what makes you look small in front of your competitors due to their derogatory comments and assists you resolve those situations.
  • It’s trained through sentiment analysis, knows what to forbid and what to be regaled down the comments section.

Auto scheduling

  • Scheduling your desired posts with most suited date and time for your audiences, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on Instagram for the desktop version.
  • Auto scheduling of reposting well performed previous posts.

Add backlink to every link you share

  • Auto recognition and the addition of backlinks to your site on every 3rd party link you share from SmatSocial dashboard.

Auto Hashtags recommendation

  • It recommends relevant hashtags based on the context of the post while you are sharing/scheduling from SmatSocial.
  • You can also set up your product/service hashtags, it automatically adds to every post you share/schedule.

Auto commenting on relevant posts

  • Auto creation of responses to the relevant posts mentioning about your brand to increase your brand visibility.

    Drum upSocial Media Marketing Automation-DrumUp

    • Content curation, social media management and employee advocacy platform.
    • Multiple account management, collaborative social media management, content suggestions, content library.
    • Advanced post scheduling, group account scheduling.
    • RSS feed addition, hashtag and @mention suggestions, engagement and click-through metrics, URL shortener.
    • Supports personalized analytics.


  • Measures metrics across all social media channels.
  • Compares and analyzes with competitors’ brands and projects their marketing strategy .
  • Calculates the ROI on the marketing spend and generates weekly/ monthly reports in excel, PDF formats.
  • Tracks popular keywords/ hashtags related to company’s’ brand.

Zoho Social

  • For growing businesses — those that are starting to get serious about social media marketing.
  • It helps you build your social media presence, without having to worry about setting things up, getting trained, variable costs, etc.
  • It keeps things simple, easy enough for you to understand and get started within minutes.


  • Social media visual content management, publishing, and advertising solution.
  • Users can easily manage visual assets in a centralized location; share and promote across major networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram & Tumblr; engage with followers and access full analytics.
  • Enterprise/Agency version includes brand management, team based permissions, and post pre-approval workflow.


  • Scheduling desired posts with dates and times that would be most suitable for your audiences.
  • Queue up the posts for different platforms (works with Pinterest as well).
  • Handy browser extension that operates on multiple locations at the same time.


  • Scheduled posting for 35+ social networks including the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.
  • Measuring social ROI. The real-time analytics portion will make it possible to examine and evaluate the progress of each piece of content.
  • Brand protection on the web by social listening, and follows and monitors every conversation that may influence the reputation of your brand.
  • Content curation, suggesting hashtag, location, and keyword search streams.
  • Intended users can be with the International mindset, SMEs, Non-profits, Freelancers.


  • This social network management platform gives you a broad range of tools, ranging from Facebook applications, analytics, and content automation among others.
  • End-to-end conversation management where all you need to do is read, reply, delegate, or tag.
  • Calendar function for publishing content, scheduling, queuing and visualizing all your posts and tweets.
  • Discovers brand influencers and identify opportunities to move their business forward.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools that show the effectiveness of your performance as well as social media analytics with beautiful graphics.

IconosquareSocial Media Marketing Automation-icano

  • Marketing and analytics engine designed for Instagram users that make the most of their in-platform activities.
  • Measures the impact of posts and stories with precision, suggests better content.
  • Multiple account management monitors every activity, stays alert for negative feedback.
  • Prepares content based on what users expect to see – able to search through all your posts, edit or re-post them, schedules the publishing.
  • Discovers and connects with your brand influencers out from its most exclusive Instagrammer database.


SmatSocial is one strong engine you definitely now require after this metamorphosical cum undeniable growth in the social media marketing industry. It’s a pure bliss for B2B. No complications, easy report generation of your brand-reach into the audience.

To find more about SmatSocial, Log onto SmatSocial and start your free trial.



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