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In the age of social media, the number of tools has come up to enhance your experience. As

In the age of social media, the number of tools has come up to enhance your experience. As a user, you have apps like Boomerang and Layout to intensify your Instagram experience. Likewise, there are tools available for brands and businesses to increase the functionality of social media. These include tools that schedule posts, automate your responses and provide detailed reports on your social media activities. There are other tools that also help you pick out relevant conversations on social media – these are social media monitoring tools.

While many are specifically designed for a single social media, some tools allow you to monitor multiple social media platforms from a single place. Some even allow you to monitor social media trends and keywords.


  1. NapoleonCat:

Napoleon cat comments

NapoleonCat is a social customer care application that makes it easier for you to speak with your customers via social media platforms. Its Social Inbox feature is extremely useful for brands and businesses. The Social Inbox is like a live chat for social media and curates messages from your clients. It replies to their questions and comments on Facebook even when they are in a private message.


  1. Smart Moderation:

    smartmoderation comments
    In a time when comments on social media are full of hate and vitriol, Smart Moderation is a savior. You can use it to manage hate speech, spam and troll attacks on Facebook and Instagram ads from a single dashboard. You can use Smart moderation to reply to, hide and delete comments and even block unwanted users.


  2. Agorapulse:

    agorapulse comments
    Agorapulse is a social community and moderation tool that helps brands and businesses in managing their social media profiles. You can use it to check how many comments and massages you have received on your social profiles like Facebook.


  3. SmatSocial:

    Smatsocial commentsSmatSocial has been designed to monitor your Facebook profile and auto respond to comments whether they are questions, queries, suggestions, feedback, positive and negative comments including spam and troll attacks. You can set up a reply for each comment type and can use the time saved on other tasks. SmatSocial will take care of intelligent monitoring using artificial intelligence technology. It uses Natural Learning Process (NLP) and gets better the more you use it.




SmatSocial comes with its very own conversational chatbot, SmatBot. It is designed to generate leads from website visitors. Features like the gamified version of questioning, prompting a call to action, reading exit intent of visitors from website helps companies to analyse their website visitors and generate more leads.


Final Thoughts:


These tools will prevent you from missing a customer message because you were not at your desk or missed one due to the sheer volume of comments. Once you choose a social media monitoring tool, you will have extra time on your hands – time that can be better utilised elsewhere.



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