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Trending Content Recommendation using Artificial Intelligence4 min read

Content Recommendation Basically, the most confronted form of native advertising on the internet is Content Recommendation. You are

Content Recommendation

Basically, the most confronted form of native advertising on the internet is Content Recommendation. You are leading your life on the recommendations of your surroundings. In this organic yet organized lifestyle, you never know what you are going to see and what tunes you to do what. Recommendations might come to user’s attention irrespective of their fields of interest. So, to acquire the user’s impression and close interest on your blogs/products/services by your content, you need to provide more relevant content that your user wants to dig.

Also, you should be good at knowing how the things are working out or turning great for your competitors. You need to know how much more you need to work for your growth, to outpace your competitors. For that, you should have clear-cut knowledge on all the top most trending topics users are interested in. So, from them you can create some content regarding your product/service which can have more reach in people.


Let us say there are two types of recommendations.

  1. User’s interest based recommendation.
  2. Recommending the items that are collaboratively related to one another.

We can debate about how can one know what his customer is looking out for because each individual has his/her own interests. But, needless to say, recommendations work on highly sophisticated algorithms that AI can learn and unlearn from the activities done by each individual on the internet. So, recommendations can be cumulatively based on 1 and 2 rather than solely focusing on the relationship between people’s choices.


When your customers are more interested in the previous works of yours, you can say what interests them more by sorting the categories with maximum hits and likes. We can extract some particular keywords from the content and can build more content in that category. If a person likes to watch horror movies, he surfs only for them. When content that provides more information about his interests comes across his site, obviously he becomes one frequent visitor for that blog. Content which is more relatable to the customers stands stiff as a bridge for stronger connections with them.

The Internet is like a spider web or technically we can say a BigData. Out there, one can never know what more can one know about some particular topic unless some similar relevant topics are being recommended. Hence, came all these notification squads and recommendations into limelight in all website/social media/apps.

But blimey! you have SmatSocial-Social Media AI Assistant engine that offers all you need.


It’s a pure bliss for B2B. So easy, just like a shirt hooked to the hanger, take it and wear it; use SmatSocial and get elevated than ever. No complications.

It can recommend you the trending keywords for your business. It curates the entire relevant content under one umbrella, finds you all the trending creative content based on those keywords. Users are such net-savvy; they can go on and on browsing for the new content from the recommendations on trending topics. You just need to work on your content to be more engaging to shift their focus to your content. More engaging the content is more traffic your website hits.

Whatever we have as a “Trending Content Recommendation “, is based on your business category and keywords. We recommend top trending posts across the top social channels. What you can do with posts has several use cases. Come on now, follow my lead:

1) You can directly share it on your social channels if that is of your fan’s interest.

2) You can monitor your following/competitor social pages to get aware of their growth and marketing strategies to enhance your marketing plans.

3) You can participate in some conversational posts like tweets or blogs and mention your brand and share your thoughts as your opinions can be handmade for somebody.

4) You can sometimes even find new competitors if they come in news or trending articles etc.

Also, get to know what results perfect customer engagement services brings you from this blog.

Come and experience all these and many other essential services at SmatSocial which will enable social media managers to lead hassle-free lives in building up their core business. Also, get in touch with us here so that you can request for a Demo.




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