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Twitter Moments Now Available in India2 min read

First released in October 2015, Twitter Moments feature gave the company and a few selected partners the ability

First released in October 2015, Twitter Moments feature gave the company and a few selected partners the ability to curate stories on a myriad of topics. Thereafter, in August 2016, Twitter opened the feature to a larger group of people, mostly influencers and creators. Moments has now been rolled out publically and is available to people of several countries, including India. By doing so, Twitter says it is “giving people a new and dynamic way to tell their stories.”

Now available in India, Moments provides another mode for Indians to be heard internationally. “This gives Indians the opportunity to tell their stories globally, sharing the wonderful things that happen every day in the country with the rest of the world.” Twitter India said in a statement.

Twitter explained more about the feature in the following video:

Twitter, in an article, explained Twitter Moments feature thus:

“Twitter Moments are curated stories showcasing the very best of what’s happening on Twitter. Our Moments guide is customized to show you current topics that are popular or relevant, so you can discover what is unfolding on Twitter in an instant.”

Moments has other significant attributes that it can boast of, the most important of them being the ability to follow. Twitter allows you to follow Moments by simply clicking or tapping on ‘follow’. Once you do that, “Tweets related to it will appear in your Home timeline as the action unfolds in real time.” Such Tweets will bear a Moments icon around them reminding you that they are part of a Moment. Additionally, when a Moment is complete, you’ll stop seeing Tweets on your Home timeline. However, one has to keep in mind that only select Moments are available to follow.

Creating a Twitter Moment is easy and can be accomplished in the following steps:

Just like a Tweet, you can also report the content in a Moment. Twitter allows you to report different components of a Moment like the cover of a Moment, photos or videos in a Tweet, individual Tweets in a Moment or even multiple components thereof. If the cover or any of the individual Tweets of your Moment is reported and is found to be in violation of the Twitter Rules, your account may get locked, even if you did not author the Tweet.

In its how-to guide on using Moments, Twitter recommends that users should limit the number of Tweets in a Moment to 10. They also recommend users to use different formats of content in a Moment including photos, videos and GIFs to engage their audience.

By rolling out Moments to all its users, Twitter has provided people with a novel method of storytelling. Twitter Moments allow people to stitch together multiple Tweets in a slideshow-esque manner. It will enable seamless integration of the thoughts and opinions of its millions of users on various topics.



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