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Sometimes we need more than 140 characters to express ourselves. And though Twitter solved this issue by increasing

Sometimes we need more than 140 characters to express ourselves. And though Twitter solved this issue by increasing the character limit to 280 characters, it did not address the live tweeting issue. But not anymore. Twitter recently introduced its ‘Threads’ also know as ‘ Tweet thread ‘feature which has made life easier for its millions of users.

Especially popular among Twitter users is the Tweetstorm, or tweeting several tweets on a thought or an issue, or telling a story. With threads, people can easily weave their tweets into expressing a longer thought or story.

Providing the thought behind the introduction of Threads, Sasank Reddy, Product Manager at Twitter, in a blog titled Nice Threads said “we expanded our character count to make it easier for people to fit what they’re thinking into a Tweet. But we know people also may want to serialize a longer story or thought, or provide ongoing commentary on an event or topic.”

How to Start a Tweet Thread

In a blog titled How to use Tweet thread, Joe Wadlington explains how to use this feature on Twitter, thus:

“1. Reply to your own Tweet.

  1. If your @name appears in the Tweet compose field, delete it. The reply will nest under your first Tweet automatically.
  2. Continue replying to the newest Tweet in your thread until your narrative is complete.”

How to thread your tweets together

Twitter thread by tweet support


You can create a thread by adding a plus button in the composer. This way you’ll be able to connect your thoughts and publish your threaded tweets all at the same time. With the “Add another Tweet” button, you can add more Tweets to thread even when you have published the threaded Tweets on your timeline.


How to create a tweet thread


The “Add another Tweet” prompt is only visible to the thread author. It has also become easier to spot a thread as Twitter has now added a “Show this thread” label.

How to View Threads

A thread from someone you follow with 2 or 3 threaded Tweets will appear on your timeline connected by a line to distinguish them from regular Tweets. When there are 4 or more Tweets in a thread, they’ll be truncated and you’ll be shown a prompt “Show this thread”. To look at the full thread, click on the prompt.

Tweets will appear in a reverse chronological order on your timeline. Each Tweet that is part of a thread will have the option “Show this thread”, clicking on which will enable you to see the thread in its entirety.

Following Up

It has become easier to engage with your audience on Twitter. After a poll completes, you can reply to those who participated with your reaction to the results on the Tweets. Following up to threads lets your followers know that you are interested in their opinions and the back-and-forth communication increases the interaction.

Tweet Thread Trivia

  • Direct Message – When a single Tweet from a thread is shared in a Direct Message, the recipient will be shown a prompt “Show this thread” where they can view the thread in its entirety.
  • Notification – If you are mentioned in a thread, depending on your settings, you will receive a notification either through your Notification timeline, a push notification or an email.
  • Retweets and Quote Tweets – When you Retweet or Quote Tweet a Tweet which is part of a thread, it will include a “Show this thread” prompt for people to view the entire thread.

Twitter has announced that it will be rolling out the updates to everyone on iOS, Android and in the coming weeks.




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